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"Luck is the attention to detail"

In GesEQ think that competition, nothing happens by chance, and that those who really succeed are those who know how to work and constantly strive to give the thousand percent. They say that success comes when preparation and opportunity meet, and it's true, but GesEQ think that opportunities are to be found, you have to strive every day to achieve the results we want, and are worthless excuses when things go wrong we work with live animals, complicating even further the fragile success equation, and only the most meticulous attention to detail will give us enough to advance committed to our goal weapons, and if we as expected we analyze what has been the strategy that has made it possible to achieve success; and if they do not get as expected, we analyze all the information we give you perspective and alternatives to try again.

This is precisely what we intend to contribute from GesEQ, a tool to store, analyze and manage all the information of our horses, so that we can bring our sparring partners, towards success, always in the best way possible, both for Us and them. And it is that sometimes the essence of the game is lost, and the horses become only a means, regardless of their psychological or physical or mental condition, or to face work or competition, and in GesEQ think the real success The rider makes a good rider, is the ability to achieve the best always thinking about the welfare of his horse results because it makes no sense otherwise, not everything is and not at any price.

From GesEQ team we have worked on this vision looking to improve the performance of our horses, but asegurandonos that whenever we require them an effort, they are able to do this, and the result is the GesEQ application and the video surveillance system and detection of colic . Trying to have all the information organized and prepared for analysis, to study how a given change radically change the whole behavior of the horse, its results, its daily work, everything. Or as understood by the monitorings if a horse is ready to make a great effort a given day, or not, if he slept enough, or if he was restless at night, they are small details, but what we have learned with those little has been incredible, it is that if they take care those little things, things go well, the horses are well, are physically and psychologically ready, work better and win contests, which is what we all seek, but again repeat, not anything goes to achieve this result.


Photo: Caipirinha de GesEQ


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