Colic-Detection System

GesEQ monitorises your horse 24 hours a day, with our artificial intelligence system we can detect the colic symptoms and sending an alert at the moment that they appear.

Log in Through Any Device

With GesEQ you will be able to watch your horses through any device with an internet connection, like your smartphone, tablet or Computer to watch your horse monitorising and status.

Diary Recording

GesEQ record your horses so you can watch their activity on the previous days.


Horse Monitoring

Your horse will be monitorise 24 hours a day so the system could learn your horse patterns and recognise the horse behaviour so it detects anormal behaviours like colic symphtoms.

Horse Statistics

GesEQ would let you watch and analyse different statistics of your horse daily behaviour and because of this statistics, the system relates this with the normal patterns and foresee anormal behaviours.