Surveillance Cameras

Applying GesEQ Horse Management offers thepossibility of installing surveillance cameras anddetection of colic in the horse stables of sport.

Task Scheduler

Reminder of the remaining tasks, tasks that must be met in the coming days and those tasks that are overdue.

Printed Information

The application allows you to generate reports of the data from their horses in different formats.


You can save the information on the competitions that the horse has participated simple.


GesEQ allows you to record and monitor the progress of the horse as it stores the data in the application.


Take a good organization of feeding their horsesrecording what they eat every day.


Record the hardware of their horses, thus achieving a continuous monitoring of the activities associated with the hooves shod avoidingproblems.

Vaccination & Deworming

An ideal of bringing organized vaccination datesand equine worming their way.


GesEQ gives you the ability to record everything related to the health of individuals, thus allowingoptimal control.

Safe Time

See your information from anywhere with internet access in a simple and fast way.

It´s Centralized Data

Forget papers and notes. With centralized GesEQhave all the information. You will not lose your information and you can see it easily and quickly.

Easy Operation

GesEQ is developed to make it very easy to use.Besides being in the cloud, we are continuously improving by customer suggestions.

Contact Networks

No need to load the information for each of their teams, but now they can access their veterinarians, riders, farriers ... each employee will have access tothe assigned functions.

Data Security

Do not worry about losing data by viruses,damaged or stolen data ... GesEQ does the heavy lifting. GesEQ is hosted on high performance servers where your data is backed up daily.

Continuous Evolution

You no longer need to watch for updates ... that do it for you. As we put improvements or add new features users can enjoy them automatically.


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